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AQUA TUTA is a spin-off of Algasol, which has developed a water treatment technology based on convective reaction. Aqua Tuta is used by various industries, including alcohol distilleries, wine and beer, aquaculture, textile and dye, feed lots (cattle, pigs, poultry), petroleum, crop industries, African palm, coffee and sugar industries.

The goal when creating Aqua Tuta‘s website was simple: a layout that conveys all the information about the company and its product without over complicating it.

To spread the word about Aqua Tuta, Verhein Marketing developed a Google Ads campaign targeting people searcing for keywords related to the company in countries where the need for cost-efficient, small footprint and high productivity wastewater treatment was needed. The campaign is ongoing, however, in the first month, yielded a large amount of leads now being explored.

Below, are images of the website: